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Welcome to Southern University at New Orleans and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, a Title III program. Staff members report directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/SACS Liaison Officer.


The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to support quality data and decisions for Southern University at New Orleans to maintain an environment conducive to learning and growth.




Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness



Tamika Saul

Interim Learning Outcomes Assessment/Testing Coordinator

Park Campus

Administration 215

(504) 286-5279


Institutional Effectiveness is committed to:
•       Quality
•       Excellence in customer service
•       Integrity in data collection and analysis
•       Confidentiality of information
•       Accurate and timely data
•       Collaborative working relationships


In implementing this commitment, Institutional Effectiveness complies with the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Institutional Research. 


Learning Outcomes Assessment

The primary goal of the learning outcomes assessment is on-going improvement of the academic regimen which students adhere to during their undergraduate and graduate matriculation and maintain SUNO's standard of education quality. We are constantly exploring new statistical techniques to shed light on how SUNO will grow and have a better educational experience.

SUNO's Mission

Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) primarily serves the educational and cultural needs of the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area. SUNO creates and maintains an environment conducive to learning and growth, promotes the upward mobility of students by preparing them to enter into new as well as traditional careers, and equips them to function optimally in the mainstream of American society.


The university provides a sound education tailored to special needs of students coming to an open admissions institution and prepares them for full participation in a complex and changing society. It offers a liberal education directed toward the achievement of higher literacy and broad intellectual development, which in turn serve as a foundation for training in one of the professions. SUNO provides instruction for working adults of the area who seek to continue their education in the evening or on weekends.


ACT Residual Testing (for students)
SUNO's ACT Residual Exam is administered to enrolled or admitted students who were unable to test on a national test date.

How It Works

  • Results are reported only to Southern University at New Orleans.
  • Neither student reports, high school reports nor Additional Score Reports will be reported to any other institution.
  • Testing can be conducted on any date except an ACT national test date.
  • Students may not repeat residual testing until 60 days have passed since their previous testing.


Please download the SUNO ACT Residual Exam Reminder so you will know when your testing date is. You will Adobe Acrobat to access the form.

  1. Click the SUNO ACT Residual Exam Reminder link,
  2. fill out online, and
  3. print the form. If you cannot print the form save it on your computer or a removable disk.







* No report due to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita